Distress Brief Intervention programme wins prestigious Scottish Health Award

A unique mental health programme set up to help those in distress, which was developed through work led by Rory O’Connor and Jack Melson, has won a prestigious Scottish Health Award.

The national Distress Brief Intervention programme which is a partnership between a range of statutory and 3rd sector organisations including the University of Glasgow received the Care for Mental Health award at the Scottish Health Awards event held in Edinburgh on the 14th of November.

Jack (2nd from right) attended the event on behalf of the UofG Intervention Development and Training team.

Jack, Rory and Karen Wetherall developed the intervention and the training programme which enables frontline and 3rd sector services staff to provide the intervention. 

The Distress Brief Intervention programme has so far helped almost 5000 people in distress by bringing together frontline emergency department staff, police officers, primary care and Scottish Ambulance Service paramedics and 3rd sector services together to improve the frontline response to distress.

Further information:  https://www.dbi.scot/general/dbi-wins-scottish-health-award/

Nov 23, 2019.

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