Click the links below for more information on research that has being conducted by SBRL and it’s affiliates, both in our health lab here at Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow or online studies that you can complete at home.

Psychological factors related to fluctuations in suicidal thoughts

Researchers at the University of Glasgow are seeking people aged 18 and over in the UK to participate in a study investigating psychological factors relating to changes in the intensity of suicidal thoughts. You can still take part even if you have never had suicidal thoughts, your answers will still provide valuable insight.

Can you help us understand male suicide better?

We are looking for men, age 18 and over to participate in a study to help us understand male suicide risk. We would like you to answer a series of questions about different topics, including your childhood, emotions, mental pain, and suicidal thoughts and feelings. Even if you have never had suicidal thoughts of feelings,…

Understanding University Students Emotions and Perceptions of Support

Are you currently studying at a U.K. University? Or have done so previously? If so, we would like to hear about your experiences. We are currently recruiting for any individuals who are currently attending, or have previous attended, University within the U.K. This research aims to explore student emotions and thinking styles during University, as…

We do not provide a treatment service or advice for those in crisis. If you are in crisis or feeling suicidal we urge you to seek help from your GP, a key worker, or family and friends. You can also contact helpline services such as Samaritans (116 123) or, if you are in Scotland, Breathing Space (0800 83 85 87).

Please click  here for a more comprehensive list of support organisations.

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