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World Changing Glasgow: Conversations – Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

April 2021. In the latest episode of the series of World Changing Glasgow: Conversations, the University of Glasgow brings together an expert panel to share how mental health and wellbeing and in particular suicide prevention is everyone’s business and how we can work together to ensure that no one has to face these things alone. The expert panel is led by Professor Rory O’Connor, and is joined by Billy Watson, CEO of the Scottish Association for Mental Health, and Dr Elizabeth Scowcroft, Head of Research from the Samaritans.

COVID-19, mental health and suicide risk

November 2020. Prof. Rory O’Connor speaks at the 5th Vilnius Conference on Suicide Intervention Methods on COVID-19, mental health and suicide risk. The conference was organised by the Suicide Research Centre at Vilnius University and Lithuanian Psychological Association, and funded by Vilnius City Municipality.

Understanding Suicidal Behaviour

Professor Rory O’Connor’s keynote at the British Psychological Society Occupational Psychology Conference. In this Rory discusses his passion for suicide prevention and how we all have a role to play.

Panel discussion at the 4th Early and Mid-Career Researchers’ Forum

June 2019. Panel discussion with Professors Keith Hawton (University of Oxford), Siobhán O’Neill (Ulster University), and Rory O’Connor (SBRL/University of Glasgow) at the 4th Early Career Researchers’ Forum on Suicide and Self-harm (EMCRF19), held in The Lighthouse, Glasgow on 6th and 7th June 2019.

Understanding the transition between suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts

August 2018. Rory O’Connor’s keynote address “Understanding the transition between suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts” to the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) 2018 conference is available to view in full below.

The refinements to the Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour

July 2018. To coincide with the publication of the refinements to the Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour (IMV; O’Connor & Kirtley 2018), Rory O’Connor recorded a podcast summarising the latest on the IMV model. 

Rory and Poppy on mental health

February 2018. Rory and his daughter Poppy talk about mental health.

National Suicide Prevention Alliance

31st January 2018. Rory O’Connor was one of the plenary speakers at the recent National Suicide Prevention Alliance conference in London recently. Here he is giving his reflections about the conference alongside other invited speakers. 

Can we prevent repeated suicide attempts?

June 2017. Rory O’Connor is interviewed by MQ Research about his new study on safety planning & telephone support to reduce suicide attempts.

Rory and Poppy on mental health

10th September 2017. To coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day, Rory O’Connor chats with his daughter Poppy about suicide prevention –  Poppy adds her own thoughts about suicide and its prevention.

Suicide prevention in Scotland

February 2017. Rory O’Connor is interviewed by Clyde Radio about suicide prevention in Scotland (in the context of initiatives to reduce suicides on the railways)

Reaching Out and Saving Lives

September 2015. Prof Rory O’Connor (Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab, University of Glasgow) talks briefly about World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD​ and a recent personal experience which highlights the importance of reaching out (the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day 2015) and the benefits of talking about suicide.

Health services, suicide, and self-harm: patient distress and system anxiety

In the latest podcast, Rory O’Connor introduces a recent Personal View paper published in Lancet Psychiatry which he co-authored with Michael Smith (who was the lead; NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde), Joe Bouch (NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde), Simon Bradstreet (Scottish Recovery Network), Trevor Lakey (NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde) and Anne Nightingale (Retired Consultant Psychotherapist). The paper describes the interplay between health system anxiety and patient distress in the context of patient care following self-harm or suicidal behaviour. The paper is free to download at Lancet Psychiatry.  

Adolescent self harm: prevalence, risk factors and motive. A National Study

October 2014. In the sixth podcast, Rory O’Connor describes a recent study of adolescent self-harm in Northern Ireland (conducted with Susan Rasmussen, University of Strathclyde and Keith Hawton, Oxford University).  Not only is this the first study to describe the prevalence of adolescent self-harm in Northern Ireland, it also describes the risk factors associated with self-harm (including exposure to The Troubles) as well as the influence of the internet and social media.

Positive Future Thinking and Suicide Attempts

September 2014. In the fifth podcast, Rory talks about a recent study conducted by members of the SBRL in collaboration with Professor Mark Williams (Oxford University) and Dr Roger Smyth (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh).  The study is the first of its kind to investigate the relationship between different types of positive future thoughts and subsequent suicide attempts.  In the podcast, Rory sets the theoretical and empirical context of the study, describes the key findings and highlights the key clinical implications. 

Three Challenges for Suicide Research in 2014

January 2014. In the fourth podcast In this podcast, Professor Rory O’Connor talks about three research challenges for the field of suicidology in 2014. Here’s the link to the editorial about non-suicidal versus suicidal behaviour which is mentioned at the end of the podcast.

Psychological Processes and Suicidal Behaviour

December 2013. Video summarises key issues in a new paper from Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory which was published in Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in December 2013. Highlights the importance of entrapment as a risk factor for repeat suicidal behaviour.

IMV model of suicidal behaviour

November 2013. In this video, Professor Rory O’Connor describes the Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour (IMV) and outlines key influences on the model.

Background to Development of Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour (IMV)

November 2013. This is first podcast by Professor Rory O’Connor. Here he talks briefly about the development of the Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour (IMV).

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