An Experimental Study of the Relationship Between Future Thinking and Suicide Risk

Are you interested in taking part in a research study about the relationship between thinking about the future and the risk of suicide?

We are looking for individuals (18 years or older) who have had experienced suicidal thoughts or suicidal behaviours and those without any history of suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts to participate in an experimental study to better understand the relationship between future thinking and suicide risk.
*Participation includes:
(1) Contacting the researcher, Gonca Kose, at
(2) Completing survey links, and
(3) One visit to our SBRL Health Lab which is part of the University of Glasgow and on the grounds of Gartnavel Royal Hospital.

*Eligibility for this study will be assessed via a screening call.
*Participants who complete this confidential study will receive compensation for their participation and travel costs.
To learn more, please email the researcher at with your contact details.

*This is a research study and taking part in it does not imply receiving psychological treatment. If you need to talk to someone, you can do so by calling The Samaritans from any phone on 116 123.                                                           

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